Park Eun Bin performs a gorgeous cover of BLACKPINK's hit “SHUT DOWN” during her first “Fan Party"

At 3 p.m. (KST) on April 9, Park Eun Bin held her “First Official Fan Party” at the Grand Theater of Kwangwoon University Donghae Culture and Arts Center.

Appearing on the stage, decorated with a party concept, Park Eun Bin sang DAY6’s “Time of Our Life” to mark the beginning of the fan party. The actress also mentioned that she had prepared the song as a reply to fans who introduced it to her. At the same time, the actress expressed her excitement by saying: “I hope that today can be another page in Eun Bin’s note, so I started the opening with full energy.”

Park Eun Bin, who MC-ed the fan party by herself, raised the atmosphere with her witty hosting, starting with the “BINGO Presentation.” Then, the actress continued by singing the OST “With My Heart” of the Japanese series “Full Moon o Sagashite” as a celebratory stage, bringing her closer to her fans. She wrapped up the first part of the event by presenting gifts to selected fans in a special event called “Find the 1% of Luck” using the official cheering stick.

In the second part of the fan party, Park Eun Bin opened with a dazzling dance to BLACKPINK's hit “SHUT DOWN” due to extensive requests from fans at a meeting held last year.

Before the fan party concluded, fans prepared a surprise event with a slogan reading “Bingo will always be with shining Park Eun Bin” and a celebration cake to express their feelings towards the actress.

Park Eun Bin couldn't hide her joy, responding with a bright smile that filled the venue with happiness.


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