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In this article, I will talk about my experience of making money online on the Remitano exchange.


What is Tradecoin? Trade coin is the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies on an exchange.

Once you've signed up for an account on Remitano, you can make purchases and sales as soon as you want. The difference between the buy and sell price of a cryptocurrency is the profit you get if you execute the trades. You can buy a currency that has the potential to increase sharply in the future, for example, Bitcoin is trending up from 11000 USDT in mid-2020. You can wait until it reaches the price as you research and then sell the number. Profits are also quite high. Because Bitcoin is currently rising close to 19,000 USDT for 1 BTC.

Similarly, you can buy various coins to make a profit from them. The cryptocurrencies that you can buy on Remitano currently are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USDT, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple.


What is Invest? Invest is when you will buy a certain cryptocurrency for short or long term investment. And you can set the sell mode only when the investment is profitable.

Currently, you spend 50% of the capital and can borrow 50% of the capital from Remitano to invest a certain coin. Interest….only charged if your investment is profitable. And of course you can set an automatic take profit or core cut order for this type of investment.

Profit from investment after being sold will accumulate to your VND Remitano wallet.


You can use your free time to earn more daily jobs updated in Jobs section on Remitano. Each job with different requirements will cost from 0.5 to 13 USDT. After you send proof of work and click "Request assessment" to the system, the system will review the work completion level. If the job is satisfactory, the system will transfer money directly to your USDT wallet.

In general, jobs also have different levels of difficulty. Anyone can and easily earn 2 USDT per day in their spare time.


Remitano always has some mini-games or surveys that reward directly into the user's USDT wallet. Each month has a different program depending on the marketing campaign. You can follow the forum and try your luck. Sometimes you are lucky to be rewarded with USDT, but sometimes it is because of your knowledge or useful contribution to the exchange.

The bonus value is also quite high so you should also participate for fun and gain experience.


You can also get more or less 40% commission from Remitano's marketing affiliate program.

How do you do? You have relatives, friends or acquaintances who need to trade BTC. You instruct them to sign up for an account through your affiliate link. Then, each time they buy BTC, Remitano will split 40% of the successful transaction fee to your Remitano Wallet. That is the commission on the 1st floor of your affiliate system. For the 2nd floor, you get 10% commission. Similarly, your 1st floor also has the same commission regime.

The special thing is that the marketing affiliate program will give you a permanent commission every time your 1st and 2nd tier complete a BTC purchase. Over a long period of time, this program also offers the potential for passive income for you in the future.


I hope you will seize every opportunity to earn money and profit from your account on Remitano. These are my real experiences from making money online with Remitano. If you have any questions, please comment below the article. Thanks for reading.

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