Song Hye Kyo's beauty 20 years ago caused a fever

The images of Song Hye Kyo's twenties became a hot topic on Pann - a community site for Kpop fans. According to the audience, the actress's beauty is becoming more and more salty over time, making many people jealous.

Many viewers commented that the peak of Song Hye Kyo's beauty was when she participated in All In, Happy House and Winter Wind that year. Right from the time of her debut, the actress received many compliments for her sharp and attractive appearance. Photo: Pinterest.

There was a time, the beauty born in 1981 gained weight uncontrollably. To have a slim figure, the actress drinks filtered water and lemon juice daily. Her main breakfast is usually sweet potatoes and eggs. She lost 10 kg after a year of perseverance. Photo: Pinterest.

In the early 2000s, Korea favored bold makeup, thin willow-leaf eyebrows that made her look older than her years. However, the actress was still praised as "pictured beautiful".555555

Song Hye Kyo's pure, plump and full of life beauty caught the eye of many brands. She models for fashion and cosmetics brands aimed at teenagers.

In Happy House, her fashion and hairstyle both became fashionable, followed by young people.

At the age of 41, the star Descendants of the Sun is commented to be more and more beautiful over time. In a recent interview, the actress said that she is an old person and prefers a quiet, uncluttered life. Playing The Glory, Song Hye Kyo created a controversy about beauty, many people criticized her for her beauty, but the actress was defended and sacrificed for the role. Photo: Elle.6646464

Faced with disparaging comments about her appearance, she said, "Many viewers say I'm suddenly getting older. Of course, I'm already old." She thinks that the character Moon Dong Eun has been through a lot of ups and downs, so it would make no sense for her to appear perfectly shimmering. Therefore, she used a little lipstick to look emaciated and tired. Photo: Elle. 

Song Hye Kyo along with Kim Tae Hee, Lee Young Ae ... are common names when the public refers to the nickname "National Treasure of Beauty" of Korea. Compared to the age of 41, her current appearance is still the dream of many women. The beauty of Korean stars makes juniors admire. Photo: Elle. 

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