K-drama Queens Who Dominated 2022: Kim Go Eun, Park Eun Bin, More!

From January to December, the year 2022 was jam-packed with amazing K-dramas that will surely be cult classics in a decade.

Guess what? These dramas are headlined by amazing women who showed off their outstanding acting chops and immersive performance.

Here are five of them (in no particular order!). Keep on reading to know more!
Kim Hye Soo

In 2022 alone, Kim Hye Soo has appeared in two internationally acclaimed Netflix series: legal drama "Juvenile Justice" and historical drama "Under the Queen's Umbrella."
(Photo : Netflix Korea )
Kim Hye Soo
(Photo : Kim Hye Soo Insgtagram)

From being a cold judge who gives maximum punishment to being a loving mother, Kim Hye Soo owned her roles. Without a doubt, she's certainly one of South Korea's pride in entertainment.
Tang Wei

Despite being a foreigner, Chinese actress Tang Wei proved that she's at par with South Korea's actresses when she returned through the award-winning film "Decision To Leave."

(Photo : Netflix Korea)

She enamored the public with her engrossing performance that she even took home the Best Actress award at the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards last November.

Tang Wei's not only China's muse, but only Asia's. With this, many fans couldn't wait to see more of her in the big and small screens!

South Korea's darling Yoona also dominated the year both as an idol and an actress. After returning with Girls' Generation's new track "Forever 1," she opened the second half of 2022 with "Big Mouse."
(Photo : Pann Nate)

Yoona didn't only wowed the public with her action skills but she also made the viewers weep with her amazing synchronization with her character.

In particular, she also made her much awaited comeback in the silver screen with the film "Confidential Assignment 2: International."
Kim Go Eun

Another queen who dominated 2022 is Kim Go Eun! She jumped from one genre to another, and aced it every time!
(Photo : Elle Korea)

From "Yumi's Cells" to "Little Women," Kim Go Eun created buzz in both domestic and overseas channels.
(Photo : tvN Drama Official)

The actress also bagged the highest praises at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards and 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards.
Park Eun Bin

Last but not the least is Park Eun Bin who excellently transformed into Woo Young Woo, an autistic lawyer who loves the law in the legal romance drama "Extraordinary Attorney Woo"!
(Photo : Vogue Korea Official)

With her seamless synchronization with her character, Park Eun Bin received critical acclaim from all over the world. She even recorded the highest rating in the history of ENA Channel.
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

In addition to that, her 2021 historical romance series "The King's Affection" where she crossdressed as a King made history as the first South Korean drama to win an International Emmy Award.


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