Rule 43 - Park Eun Bin answered various questions viewers were curious about.

Rule 43- Park Eun Bin answered various questions viewers were curious about.

On September 6th, on the YouTube channel of fashion magazine Marie Claire Korea, an interview video with Park Eun Bin titled “Pop Quiz with Park Eun Bin” was posted.

The first question was, “What does Park Eun Bin love, like Young Woo loved whales?” Park Eun Bin answered, “I think there’s an answer you expect me to say. My love for rabbits is well known. I like dogs and cats too. I love animals.”

When asked who is the mood maker in the Hanbada squad of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Park Eun Bin said, “It’s me”. She explained, “When filming, Since Young Woo had the vast majority of share of the show, I was the one who had to work in harmony with our staff for the longest time. So I tried to make the mood as positive as possible.”

She mentioned her co-star Kang Ki Young, saying, “My personal pick of the mood maker is Kang Ki Young. His motto is to work joyfully so he would make the mood very enjoyable. He made me laugh so much to the point where I had to ask him to stop sometimes.”

Park Eun Bin continued, “The thing about his jokes is that while his jokes are really fun, they’re not for broadcast. So, the mood maker of the Hanbada squad is me! I miss everyone.”

When asked if there is a place Park Eun Bin finds healing, she said, “It’s my home. After all, my home is the place. where I can naturally be who I am and put my mind at ease. But I don’t have much time to stay at home these days.”

To the question “What job would Park Eun Bin have if she didn’t become an actress?”, she said, “I had so many dreams when I was young. I had this confidence from nowhere that I would be good at whatever job I took. I don’t know why.”

When asked to choose the tastier one between Woo Young Woo Kimbap or Dong Geurami Kimbap, Park Eun Bin said, “Although I like Geurami very much, Woo Young Woo Kimbap was more delicious. Because Dong Geurami Kimbap had seaweed with a tough texture. So, it was hard to bite it off.”

She added, “The mother of a friend of the prop team runs a snack restaurant. She made Woo Young Woo Kimbap so well. She made them thin enough so I can eat them vertically.”

She continued, “The director and I were a little thrown off at people’s reaction about how Young Woo eats Kimbap vertically and horizontally. Since I was using chopsticks in Young Woo’s way, not my original way, it was more convenient to eat it that way. But the other Kimbaps were bigger so I couldn’t hold them with enough strength in Young Woo’s chopstick skills. That’s why I ate them horizontally to avoid dropping them.”

When asked if she has had any realization recently like Woo Young Woo, Park Eun Bin said, “I realized that nothing in the world is achieved easily. So, I decided that I would not give up even though things aren’t easy, or take things for granted, and I should keep trying my best.”
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