Park Eun Bin’s Interesting Story About Her Brother Resurfaces– Here’s Why

Park Eun Bin opened up about an interesting story of her older brother when he entered the military.

Before the fame of "Extraordinary Attorney Woo," the actress starred in the 2020 K-drama "Do You Like Brahms?" opposite Kim Min Jae.

At the height of the romance drama, the actress appeared as a guest in SBS' TV show "My Little Old Boy" where she shared her closeness with her brother.

During the interview, the 30-year-old star revealed why she did not show up and see her brother in the military.
Park Eun Bin Was Never Allowed to See Her Older Brother in the Military Because of THIS

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As obtained by SBS News, Park Eun Bin recalled the time when her older brother enlisted in the military. She mentioned that her brother's seniors showed a photo of the actress and told him that the actress is their favorite star.

At the time, most of her brother's colleagues were not aware that he and the "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" star were siblings.

As Park Eun Bin continued the story, her brother said, "She isn't my type. I'm not interested in her, sir."

Hearing this, his seniors reportedly got upset and showed him various photos of the actress. Trying to convince the newly-enlisted soldier, he had to do quite a challenging and somewhat hilarious task.

"He made my brother look at my photos all day in front of a computer, but my brother kept going, 'She isn't my type," the actress shared.

Park Eun Bin admitted that she was initially upset with her brother's reaction toward her and said that he could have at least told them that she looked pretty.

Interestingly, while he was enlisted, he told his sister not to visit him ever.

Park Eun Bin's brother officially revealed that they were siblings when he completed his national mandatory duty in the military.

Because of his sister's fame, he hid the fact that they were actually siblings because he did not want his colleagues to constantly ask for an autograph or phone conversation.

Park Eun Bin started acting at a young age and played a younger version of several stars.

After more than two decades in the show business, she is currently among the top stars who gained hype after starring in the ENA series.
What's life After 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'?

(Photo : Namoo Actors Official Instagram Account)

The actress played the lead role in the smash hit K-drama "Extraordinary Attorney Woo."

Amid the series' success, Park Eun Bin had her first ever fan meet that got sold out in less than an hour.

As officials announced "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" season 2, viewers are hopeful that original cast members will return, especially Park Eun Bin.

Source: KDramastars
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