Life360 - “Woo Young-woo”’s webtoon fails to receive the halo from the original, falls to the 5.0 rating range

Life360 - Unlike the original drama, which became so popular that it was mentioned as the “Drama of the Year” in 2022, the webtoon has only received harsh criticism.

A month has passed since “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which recorded 17.5% of rating, ended, but the popularity of the webtoon has not risen yet. Why is that?

On July 27th, a webtoon called “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was released through Naver Webtoon. This webtoon is a remake of the ENA channel Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” and based on the webtoon’s unique story development method and production, the production team expressed their ambition to convey the healing sensibility of the original to global webtoon readers.
July 27th, when the first episode of the webtoon was released, is the day when the 9th episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” titled “The Pied Piper,” was aired. When the drama was at the peak of its upward trend with its highest viewer rating of 15.7% (based on Nielsen Korea), it tried to attract popularity with a newly-released webtoon, but readers responded coldly after seeing the webtoon.

First of all, because of the popularity from the original drama, the webtoon version stood out even among other prominent webtoons. In the webtoon “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which ranked first in real-time ranking among popular webtoons of female teenagers female in their 20s, readers can reflect on the drama while rewatching the story in the webtoon.

But there was still a limit. The fact that the drama get remade into a webtoon when it has not ended yet got criticized that it was too early. In particular, Woo Young-woo, who has autism spectrum, looked just like a pure and innocent child in the webtoon. This was pointed out as a pity as the content of the characters’ verbal tiki-taka was compressed, ruining half of the fun.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” paid attention to the quality enough to have a story writer separately. In particular, the webtoon raised expectations by revealing that it is preparing special episodes that are not in the drama, but it has been criticized for its slow development speed and failure to follow the original work.

In particular, the ratings are also decreasing as the episodes get released. As of Sep 16th, the 1st chapter has remained at 7.33 points. In the 2nd chapter, it got 6.62 points, and in the 3rd chapter, it got 5.96 points, falling to the five-point range. In particular, the “The Wedding Dress That Slipped Off (1)” chapter, which was released on Sep 7th, scored 5.05 points, facing a crisis that it might fall to a 4.0 point range.

The irony is that although it is being criticized like this, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is still at the top of Naver’s Thursday webtoon, ranking second in popularity. Given that its competitors have an average rating of 9 points, the rating of “Extraordinary Attorney Wooo,” which is only 6 points, stands out, but it is true that the webtoon is at stake. Some netizens suspected that there was a ranking manipulation happening.
“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” still boasts huge popularity, receiving remake proposals from many countries after a successful ending. In particular, expectations are rising after a season 2 and musical production is confirmed.

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