Lasting Impressions of ‘Big Mouth’: Lee Jong Suk and YoonA as leads, the ending and more

As the popular MBC drama wrapped last week, let’s take a look at some amazing and not-so-amazing moments present in the drama.
Big Mouth Poster; Picture Courtesy: MBC

'Big Mouth' ended last week with the 16th episode and it was definitely an interesting approach to it. It began with not much interest as it felt like any other legal thriller drama that was released around the same time but it began to gather a lot of love and attention after seeing Lee Jong Suk’s as the enigmatic lead and YoonA, who was just as compatible, if not more. From the second week onwards, the story unraveled in a beautiful manner with enough twists and turns that kept the readers gripped to their seats. Here are some of commendable and not so commendable factors of the drama:-

1. The lead actors

As mentioned before, Lee Jong Suk and YoonA knocked it out of the park with their phenomenal acting skills and the ability to take on such a challenging role. Lee Jong Suk as Park Chang Ho is definitely a treat as the audience get to see him transform from a mousy and soft hearted lawyer to a powerful man with a thirst for vengeance. Running on the themes of corruption, betrayal and twisted relations, Lee Jong Suk blended into his character which allowed the audience to truly enjoy even the trials and tribulations that character suffered because he always came out on top. YoonA hasn’t had the best record with her acting career but she managed to show a different side of herself in this drama. Being a strong and opinionated character from the very beginning, the makers did a good job at maintaining her demeanor until the end.

2. The antagonists

Yang Kyung Won has always been a brilliant actor in the various roles he has pursued before in dramas like ‘Crash Landing On You’, ‘Hi Bye Mama’, ‘Itaewon Class’ and more and he did it again in ‘Big Mouth’. His character was pompous, arrogant, entitled and definitely had anger issues but the actor that surprised us the most was Kim Joo Hun, the true villain of the story. His intentions were veiled in the beginning but he came through with his ultimate revenge in the end and the scene in which he laid on the gold bars in his hiding place was truly cinematic. He gave an exemplary performance and managed to keep the audience arrested with his skills till the very end.

3. The unceremonious end of Go Mi Ho

As expressed by many fans, Go Mi Ho’s (YoonA) end had no impact on the story and was a wasted opportunity. The last four episodes carried the sub-plot of her cancer and the aggressive progression to her death but it felt abrupt and sloppy. Her death may have been a catalyst that fueled Park Chang Ho’s revenge but he already had enough reasons to go through with his plan and it didn’t require such a painful loss to further the plot, especially when it was so close to the end of the series.

4. The subtle dystopian theme

While it is not admitted outright but throughout the drama there is a hue that can be seen- the hue of injustice, corruption created by the higher-ups. It rings of true incidents or the true state of our society that we are either yet to cover or pretend it doesn’t exist but either way the drama does a really good job of showing it in various ways.

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