[Interview] Hyun Bin "I don't feel like I'm 2 years old, but I'm happy... I'll work hard"

'Cooperation 2: International' North Korean detective Hyun Bin"If you talk about North Korea, it will pop up? I hope you will be loved this time too"
view originalHyun Bin / Photo = VAST EntertainmentProspective father Hyun Bin (Kim Tae-pyeong, 40) said, "It's a great blessing and I'm happy" while waiting for the second generation.

In an interview conducted before the release of the movie 'Cooperation 2: International' (Director Seok-Hoon Lee) on the 1st, Hyun Bin expressed his feelings about becoming a parent, saying, "I don't feel it yet."

Hyun Bin got married to actor Son Ye-jin in March, and announced the pregnancy in June. He said, "When you see a baby's face around you, you can feel it. We are waiting with a good heart. I want to show you how to live hard as a parent."

She continued, "As before, I want to work hard and show off the roles I can play." The reaction of her wife Son Ye-jin was also reported. Hyun Bin said, "Yejin said, 'She will be loved by many people as much as she worked hard on the film.' After the press preview, she supports her by sharing her articles and reactions," she said.

The sequel to the sequel to 'Cooperation', which was released in 2017 and attracted 7.81 million viewers, will be released on the 7th. It tells the story of North Korean detective Rim Cheol-ryeong (Hyun Bin), South Korean detective Kang Jin-tae (Yoo Hae-jin), and New Face foreign FBI Jack (Daniel Henney), who meet again to catch a global criminal organization, and start a triangular joint investigation with their own goals.

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view original

Hyun Bin, who took on the role of North Korean detective Rim Cheol-ryeong following the first part, said, "If revenge for the death of his wife was the main emotion in the first part, life in South Korea is drawn in the second part. The relationship with Jin-tae's family makes Cheol-ryeong easy." I saw. She continued, "I thought that was what I saw, so I tried to save it as much as possible," she said.

From the first part of 'Cooperation' to 'Crash Landing on You' (2019), Hyun Bin's North Korean character was loved so much that it comes up when he speaks North Korean. He laughed, saying, "I hope it will appear again this time."

“I learned the North Korean language for two or three months before filming ‘Cooperation 2: International’ because I had to express it differently depending on where I came from and my job. I'm not going to do a role that is played by words."

Source: n.news.naver
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