Being used to being pampered by his wife, Hyun Bin revealed that he would starve himself if Son Ye Jin doesn't cook breakfast

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin's post-marital life makes the audience admire because it's so sweet.

Since getting married, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have become a couple that the media and the audience are particularly interested in. Every move of the two was constantly updated and became a topic of discussion among netizens and fans.

Recently, in an interview with Seoul Wire in the framework of promoting the movie Unwilling Partner Part 2, Hyun Bin suddenly revealed about his sweet life. Accordingly, the actor said that if his wife did not prepare breakfast, he would fast and drink a cup of coffee and then go to work.

Hyun Bin has just revealed a surprise about his wife Son Ye Jin.

Specifically, a reporter asked Son Ye Jin's husband about the actress regularly posting pictures of colorful dishes online. This person wants to hear the sharing of the actor Landing on you. Hyun Bin frankly said that he enjoyed the breakfast that his wife made every day.

Son Ye Jin has been actively showing pictures of dishes since she became pregnant.

Many people admired her cooking skills. Because his wife cooks so well, Hyun Bin will starve to work if she doesn't make breakfast.

Hyun Bin burst into laughter right after answering the reporter's question. It can be seen that the actor is very happy with his marriage and is almost spoiled by his wife. Previously, Hyun Bin was associated with a quiet image, his answers were also very short. But recently, the actor Landing where he suddenly changed and became more and more humorous.

The audience realized that Hyun Bin has changed more and more after getting married.

In addition, Hyun Bin also revealed that he received great encouragement from his wife. When participating

Currently, Hyun Bin is still busy promoting the movie "Reluctant Partner Part 2" with his colleagues. September 25 is the actor's 40th birthday. He received many well wishes from fans and friends. The audience is curious about the gift that Son Ye Jin gave her husband on this occasion.

Many people are curious about the gift that Son Ye Jin will give her husband on his birthday.

In the near future, Son Ye Jin's husband will join the Harbin film crew. The film is set in many countries around the world in which the main setting of the film is set in the city of Harbin. Many viewers are looking forward to this new work of the actor.

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