Anthusias Take Care Of Son Ye Jin's Health, Hyun Bin PIlih Virtual Interview

Hyun Bin (CJENM)

Hyun Bin is promoting its latest film, the Conventional Assignment 2: International, which will soon air. This is his latest project since marrying Son Ye Jin last March.

Happy news also came from Son Ye Jin who announced her first child's pregnancy. As a husband, Hyun Bin admits that he can't wait to become a father in the months to come.

"It doesn't feel real to me yet. People told me that it didn't feel real until you saw it with your own eyes," Hyun Bin told Wikitree, launching Koreaboo.

When he heard the news of his pregnant wife, Hyun Bin did not stop being grateful. He also thanked the public for the appreciation given.

"This is a huge blessing. So I look forward to it with a big heart," he said.

It was revealed that Hyun Bin did all the interviews for the virtual promotion of her latest film. This is because he wants to be careful so that Son Ye Jin and the baby are safe.

To take care of the baby, I have to have a virtual interview. Thank you for your understanding," said Hyun Bin.

Previously a video circulated where a reporter congratulated him directly. Hyun Bin who heard this seemed to smile and nod to reporters.

Son Ye Jin announced her pregnancy via Instagram with a photo of flowers,

"I'm still surprised but I feel the changes in my body every day with enthusiasm and concern," wrote Son Ye Jin.

I share this news with fans and relatives who are looking forward to things like us. We will take care of the lives that come to us. I hope you guys also take care of what is worth in your life and live a healthy life," he said.

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