Accompanying 'Hyun Bin' to shave, Tata Janeeta is reminded of her husband


Accompanying 'Hyun Bin' to shave, Tata Janeeta is reminded of her husband (Photo: instagram/tatajaneetaofficial)

 Life - Singer Tata Janeeta is known to be very fond of Korean drama actor Hyun Bin.

Tata also often shares edited photos with Hyun Bin, which successfully makes his followers on social media laugh.

Even though he's already married, Tata seems to still love Hyun Bin and treats him like a lover.

Recently, the singer of Snag Teasers uploaded an edited photo of taking Hyun Bin out for a haircut on the side of the road.

In the photo, Tata, who is wearing a red shirt, looks faithfully waiting for Hyun Bin as the barber cuts his hair.

This afternoon I took a haircut to prepare for the night...😍, " said Tata as a statement.

Suddenly the upload was flooded with netizen comments that were made hilarious by Tata Janeeta's actions.

There are also those who insinuate Tata that he already has a husband to Hyun Bin who is expecting their first child.

"You remember your husband😂😂😂, " said the account Meldaaa***.

Saalaki baturrr 😂#korbantiktok ," added the episuhartin *** account.

Angelll wes angelll..... mas Brotoseno... her husband must be in the white water Something is going on 😂😂😍😍❤️❤️❤️, " added mam.ana's account***.

Meanwhile, Raden Brotoseno never again appeared on Tata Janeeta's Instagram page after being dishonorably dismissed from the Police.

Source: Insertlive

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