Son Ye-jin, who is about to give birth, recently released a video of 'I gained plump weight'

A recent video of actress Son Ye-jin, who is pregnant, has been released.

Suddenly, there was a response that seemed to have gained plump weight.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin's wedding photo / Courtesy of VAST Entertainment-News1

After Son Ye-jin became pregnant, she showed her fans her current situation with a plump figure.

Son Ye-jin's video was uploaded on the official Instagram of 'Luxury' magazine on the 25th.

In the video, Son Ye-jin greeted fans in a pink outfit. His face also looked bright.

Son Ye-jin looked at the camera and said, "Hello. Readers of 'Luxury', I am now in the studio for the cover and photo shoot of the September issue of 'Luxury' magazine."

Son Ye-jin caught the attention of fans even more because she is currently pregnant. Her exact number of months is not known, but her appearance as if she had gained more weight than before caught attention.

In the video, Son Ye-jin boldly cut her usual long hair and transformed into 'short hair'.

The video drew attention and spread to major communities such as '82 Cook' on the 26th. A netizen of '82 Cook' also said, "I'm a little chubby because I'm pregnant. It's nice that Son Ye-jin is a little chubby."

Son Ye-jin married actor Hyun Bin on March 31st. She is due to give birth this year.

Here is a video (gif) of Son Ye-jin. (View original)
Magazine 'Luxury' Instagram (Luxury Editors)

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