‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Season 2 Confirmed – Will The Cast Reprise Their Roles?

"Extraordinary Attorney Woo," which stars Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, and Kang Ki Young, has good news for fans ahead of finale - the production confirmed the drama's season 2!

Here's what we know about the forthcoming sequel.
'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' Season 2 Confirms Production

Based on an exclusive report delivered by Edaily on August 17, CEO Lee Sang Baek of Acetory, which is the production company behind "Extraordinary Attorney Woo," announced that the K-drama is confirmed to have a Season 2.

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Park Eun Bin

Mr. Lee thanked the viewers for supporting the drama, and to return the love that they keep on giving, the production is set for a new sequel, which is expected to be produced in 2024.

Since the news broke out fans were delighted by the announcement. However, some viewers also shared their worries that some of the original cast might not reprise their roles. One is Kang Tae Oh, who is about to enlist in the military in September of this year.

Will 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo's' Original Cast Return in Season 2?

According to CEO Lee Sang Baek, to not complicate things, they will try their best to have the same cast as possible. But it will take lots of thorough discussions as other actors already have new projects to work on once "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" Season 1 concludes this August.

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‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Season 2 Confirmed – Will The Cast Reprise Their Roles?

Hence, rest assured that the legal K-series will return in 2024. By that time, Kang Tae Oh is a few months near his military discharge.

In addition to what Mr. Lee had said, for now, it is now easy to coordinate the schedules of the cast and production staff. Their goal is to keep at least 90 percent of the original cast and production staff before they fully proceed with the filming.

(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)
‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Season 2 Confirmed – Will The Cast Reprise Their Roles?

He stated that it may take a considerable amount of time to coordinate with everyone who is part of the project, but the plan to produce "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" Season 2 will not change.
More 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' Goods, Content To Be Produced

Lastly, Mr. Lee mentioned that they plan to continue investing in the drama by releasing various contents using the K-Drama's IP, such as webtoons, other merchandise, and a musical version of it was already confirmed for production.

Don't miss the remaining episodes of "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" on ENA Channel and Netflix every Wednesday and Thursday!

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